Content Inspiration for P&C Insurance Agents

Content is king. If you’re setting up a websites for insurance agents, you should know, embrace and work with the fact that to have a successful online marketing strategy, you’ll need to do everything in your power so that content reigns over your site!

But content is tricky. For it to bestow on to your business all the great results that you know it bears, you need to give it time and attention. It should market you and your business at the same time that grabs the attention of readers by delivering valuable information.

But don’t be overwhelmed! If you’re a property and casualty insurance agent, this post is here to help you with tips and ideas for writing up content so you can climb up the online marketing ladder!

Content Tips for Your P&C Insurance Website!

Before moving on, I’ll give you some useful tips that will help you do content the right way. So when you get an idea for a post, nothing stops you from achieving your content potential!

1. ‘You Talkin’ to Me?:

I’m sure that you are well aware of who your clients are. This is because it’s a waste of time going after people that don’t meet a certain profile because, more often than not, they won’t be interested in what you have to offer.

Content is the same way: you need to have a narrative and a demographic that you’re looking to target! And when you do, you need to find out some of their interest so you know what to write about.

2. Images Are Worth a Thousand Words!:

Content is often interpreted as the written word. It is true that in the world wide web, most of the information is transmitted through blocks of text, but videos, images, info graphics and audio are ways to inform in a more dynamic format! And any of the ideas that you’ll find below can be done in these media.

For example, if you’re going to put together a tutorial, you can do it on video. This way, if there’s steps in your “how-to” post, you can show them instead of just telling them how to do it!

3. Knowledge is Power:

Insurance agents deal with a lot of numbers and need to have knowledge in different areas (economics, law, etc.). That’s why it’s important to send forward a professional message. By using hard data to back up your main ideas, you’ll be aiming towards becoming an authority in the matter. So use that information, but use it wisely!

4. The Color in Your Tone:

One of the main tasks in your job is to build relationships. To do this, you need to be professional but friendly and approachable. So this is exactly the way you should write. A very technical and strict tone can be often perceived as condescending, so be sure to give your content a bit of the personality and charisma people want from their insurance agent.

5. Spin Them Around:

The internet is a vast space with millions upon millions of information. It’s probable that almost every topic has already been discussed in there. This is where your creativity should kick in! Give each generic post a spin and make them your own. Think of an angle that’s more unique and specific (which will ultimately give more value to your audience).

6. Tailoring Needed!:

Speaking of specific, make sure your content fits your context. A P&C insurance agent in Kansas offers different policies than one stationed in New York. This means that your target audience also has different needs for content. Make your texts, videos and images as locally relevant as possible!

7. Information You Can’t Miss:

If you want to have a successful site, you’ll need to give your visitors some basic information that let them know who you are, how to contact you, the services you offer, among other things. If you’d like to learn more about what they are, click on the link!

8.Sizing the Competition:

Inspiration is sneaky! It’s hard to catch and when you do, it can easily slip through your fingers. If after this post you still feel like you can’t catch a break, it’s a good idea to look around. Read blogs, newsletters and even go into your competition’s content to see what their doing. This can help you get ideas on what course to follow in terms of content!

Content Ideas for P&C Insurance Agents

Now for the good part in this post: content ideas to fully achieve your online marketing potential!

Tutorials / Tips & Tricks

Property & Casualty insurance has a lot of variables and it can get complicated. That’s why you need to help out your readers the best you can by giving them pointers or step by step guides to topics regarding your business.

Tips & tricks are very sought after by visitors because they’re easy to read and give punctual and valuable information. Be it in the form of Do’s and Don’ts or “Top 10”, make sure to gather the information your clients need and present it in a very easy but substantial way.

Look at this next example: this insurance agent rounded up “10 Ways to Lower Your Home Insurance Premiums”. The topic and title are eye catching and I’m sure more than one stopped and read the whole thing.

cipc Content Inspiration for P&C Insurance Agents

In this next post, the agent gives value to the user by presenting ways to do better car shopping (which, ultimately, affects the P&C insurance a person has). The thing is to think of the whole process that goes into this kind of insurance and find a way to help your readers protect their house for a thunderstorm (for example).

cipc3 Content Inspiration for P&C Insurance Agents


Since Property & Casualty deals with basic assets (you need a roof over your head to have better quality of life), it’s natural that your clients will have doubts and concerns.

Answering customer questions has more than one benefit. On one hand, you’re giving value to that particular client but, at the same time, you’re also anticipating that others may have that same question.

The example below, “Water in The Basement Is Often Not a Flood”, addresses what may be perceived as a common misconception. If you think about it, it’s a win-win situation: you know your leads will be interested in the topic and you get a freebie in terms of content inspiration!

cipc2 Content Inspiration for P&C Insurance Agents

News, Trends & Events

Life around you is also a great and easy source for inspiration. What’s happening in your line of business and community? What is going on in the world that could affect your customer’s p&c insurance?

In this first example, is a post on Hurricane Sandy. As you know, this was a natural disaster that sadly struck the east coast of the United States and wrecked the home of many. This has to do with property and casualty insurance, so it’s fitted to let the readers know after Mayor Bloomberg announced new measures to aid homeowners.

cipc4 Content Inspiration for P&C Insurance Agents

Trends on the other hand can help you draw inspiration from pop culture and what you see in your business. Is there a growing trend of car accidents? Write about it! Or, are there topics that are constantly being reproduced? (in popular movies, songs, etc.) Include them into your posts. The right information can take some of these common themes and give the generic P & C insurance post a spin!

Lastly, you should get involved with the events happening in your community! People are social beings so it’s natural that they care about what’s going on in their own town.

In this next example, you’ll see that this agent posted about a flash mob and even attached a video to show how it went down. Little posts like this can be fun, easy and really entertaining for your site’s visitor!

2013 04 30 1034 Content Inspiration for P&C Insurance Agents

Real Use Cases

Another easy source for inspiration: real life experiences. Posts like this will not only prove to your readers that you are good at your job, but that you care about your clients. Let them know what problem you had at hand and how you helped your client solve it! Of course, you should ask for your client’s permission before sharing their story!


Did you read something that you think your visitors will appreciate? Maybe you saw a video that perfectly explains an issue about p&c insurance. Share these key pieces of information with your readers and give your opinion on the matter!


I can say this a thousand times if necessary: content is where it’s at. You need to have a solid content strategy to improve your online marketing strategy!

If what’s stopping you is the lack of inspiration for writing, go through this post, read blogs and keep an eye out for content opportunities. By posting on a regular basis, you’ll see an increase in the traffic coming into your site and the quality of your leads in no time! So get started now!

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April 30, 2013

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