Vote for Your Favorite Pioneer in Franchising!

franchisepioneers Vote for Your Favorite Pioneer in Franchising!

To celebrate the history of franchising, we’ve gathered a list of 50 pioneers that have changed the franchise and their own industry for the better, and we made an interactive website for you to vote for your favorite one! From Colonel Sanders to Isaac Singer (the first franchisor), you’ll find some of the top names in franchising that made a difference in how things are done, how franchisors and franchisees interact and how others perceive the franchise industry.

To weigh in on this project: go to the site, read a snippet of their contribution to the industry and vote for who you think had the biggest impact in making franchising the $2 trillion industry that it is today.

  • The voting will be closed on July 31st so make sure you share your opinion with us!
  • The top 10 pioneers (based on your votes) will be gathered up and made part of a series that will give a closer look into each of their careers in franchising.
  • Plus, all voters will receive a printed copy of this upcoming series!

Go to Empowerkit’s “Pioneers in Franchising” Interactive Site and vote, vote, vote!

Be sure to share this with your co-workers and friends so we can have more diversity and plurality in this project!

July 10, 2013

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