5 Renewable Sources of Inspiration for Your Franchise Local SEO Strategy

recycle icon 1023140 m 150x150 5 Renewable Sources of Inspiration for Your Franchise Local SEO StrategyContent is king and extremely important for your site. But, just how important is it? Well, according to Kapost, per dollar, content marketing produces 3 times more leads. So, yeah, pretty important. The problem is that content can be sneaky and difficult to come up with!

This is especially true if you’d like your partners to participate in franchise local SEO for their franchisee websites! They have a tight schedule as it is without adding content marketing to the mix!

Now, it’s true that your partners probably won’t have the time to take care of SEO and content. But they may want to produce blog posts from time to time so they can give their site a franchise local SEO for their audiences.

This is because local and unique content is a must in a successful site. Content+ states that 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its site. This makes sense because readers want to learn about matters that concern them and, who knows what concerns local customers better than the partners who serve them?

In an effort to help out your partners get the content ball rolling now and then, here are some renewable sources for inspiration that can be customized and made into compliant posts to fit the franchisee websites:

Customizable Solutions to Content

1. Answering Customer Questions

Customers will always have questions and better yet, they will always be specific to their local needs. This is a renewable source of inspiration that’s unique, local and that provides value to more than one customer (since it’s probable that more than one person has thought about the same thing!). Plus, if it’s in line with your business, there probably won’t be any compliance problems.

2. Local Competition

Competition is different depending on where the partners are located. By seeing and studying what other businesses similar to theirs are doing in terms of content, they can get inspired to write something of their own.

3. Use Cases

Another great way to get easily inspired to write, is by thinking back at the customers they’ve helped. Partners can reminisce on some stories that they’re especially proud of: for example, a big problem that the company helped solve. By sharing their success stories, they’ll get unique content that will let readers know how the company works and will help create a trustworthy image in all locations.

4. Customer Testimonials

With testimonials you get a great and easy alternative to share stories from the customers’ point of view. Plus, the company gains credibility! According to the Local Consumer Review Survey (2012), 72% of consumers surveyed said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So they have the potential of being a business driver and give your franchisee websites a boost!

5. Events

Sometimes, just looking around your community can spark an idea for content. Encourage your partners to cover local events in their site. Furthermore, this lets readers know that they’re interested and involved with what’s going on with the community. That’s a step forward from just being “that company” to “that company who cares”.

How Empowerkit Can Help Your Partner Marketing Strategy

logo 150x150 5 Renewable Sources of Inspiration for Your Franchise Local SEO StrategyNo matter how easy you make it for your partners to take care of content once in a while, it’ll still be somewhat of a hassle: they probably don’t have the expertise or time to sit down and write on a regular basis. This is where a solution like Empowerkit can come in handy!

Not only is Empowerkit a partner website builder that’s flexible for franchisee websites and controlled for corporate, it’s a robust SEO and online marketing solution! Our team of experts can work out an online marketing strategy for your company! We’ll take care of content creation, SEO and the social media accounts for your partners!


In a franchise local SEO strategy, it’s very important to stay inspired and be relevant to a certain audience. Generic posts won’t be engaging to customers who have a specific need! Be sure to mix both inspiration with relevant, unique and compliant posts with these ideas! You’ll be getting interested leads in your partner sites in no time!

If you have a question about this post or anything regarding Empowerkit, let us know in the comment section!

October 8, 2013

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