Your franchisees are doing whatever they want!

Your brand is being used online in harmful ways without your consent or control. Your franchisees are not following brand or regulatory guidelines. Your partner compliance policies strictly prohibit it but the governmental bodies don’t care that you didn’t strictly enable their efforts. You’re not doing anything to resolve the situation. It’s still something you’re liable for. Let’s fix that.

They can cause your company serious damage

You gave your distributors or franchisees basic landing pages or replicated sites so they had to go on their own. The issue is that when they went on their own, you lost all control.

They can also really harm your brand

With every partner that uses your logo in the wrong way. Uses false advertising or simply doesn’t follow your partner or franchise branding guidelines, you lose customers. When you’re in control, making partners follow policies is MUCH easier!

We have a comprehensive solution for you

  1. Control over sitesYou’ll have the ability to unpublish or delete any of the sites within the platform. So if you get any complaints, you can actually deal with the problem in a timely manner. More than an online brand management!
  2. Legal disclaimer to visitorsWe can display a disclaimer on all your partner sites which clearly states the relationship between you and the distributor or franchisee.
  3. Automatic scan for red flagsWe can run daily scans on your entire network of websites to search for problematic keywords. We’ll then report the keywords to you so you can deal with any content issues.
  4. Indemnity from distributor useOur terms of use agreement can include an indemnification clause that all partners must agree to. This will indemnify you from your partners and add an extra layer of legal protection.

Now you’re covered & your franchisees are happy

The law requires your franchisees to state their relationship with you when they represent your products. You’re also liable for any false claims that they make on your behalf. You’re much better covered when you’re involved and have control. Compliance management made easy!