How Franchisees Think About Online Marketing – eBook

The Opportunity for Innovative Franchisors to Meet Consumer Demand

The Internet is here to stay. That’s no secret. It has basically changed our social/cultural/economic landscape. As KPCB states, 78% of Americans are Internet users.

But, what does this mean for you and your franchisees? I’m sure you’ve heard monumental amounts of advice on what to do with your company in this new paradigm. The possibilities seem endless and you need to make a decision so your franchisees can act on it.

Have you ever stopped and asked your franchisees what THEY thought about this key issue in the industry?

In this eBook, Empowerkit went ahead and made this a task. We researched and surveyed American small business owners and franchisees that represented a broad range of companies to find out what they’re thinking and doing in terms of online marketing.

We concentrated our efforts and asked their opinion on four main concepts that concern an effective online marketing strategy:

  • Online Marketing in General

  • Online Lead Generation

  • Site Management

  • Support Received from a Corporate or Central Office

Based on their real experiences and perceptions, we can give you, the franchisor, key insight and a broader view on the actual state of the industry. With this research, you’ll be able to find innovative opportunities that will get your business one step ahead in a new and imposing market that will increase your ROI.

Here are some of the key takeaway points that you’ll be able to find in the eBook:

  • 74% are unsure how many leads are generated online per month.
  • 91% of franchisees don’t update a local website regularly.
  • 79% haven’t been given guidance from their franchisor on strategic online marketing.

Download the eBook to have greater insight and get a better sense of what you can do to get ahead of the online marketing game!

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August 8, 2013

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