Focus Your Energy!

Organic online marketing can make or break a business. It’s absolutely critical to the success of your partners but it’s also a very resource intensive effort. Are you sure you’re well equipped to deal with it?

Shift All the Costs +
Responsibilities to Empowerkit

Lack of focus for your core staff

Why waste your staff’s precious time and attention on tasks that aren’t in their core competency? We’re sure they have more mission critical tasks to focus on.

adding costs 02 Doing it Yourself
adding costs 03 Doing it Yourself

Expensive specialist and vendors

Yes, maybe you JUST rolled out a new platform. But two months from now, there will be more and more features and updates that crop up. Costs that you can’t see now. Why pay for expensive 3rd parties when you can move that cost to zero?

Loss of new business sales

Potential partners are eager to ask what you do for online marketing, before they buy into your opportunity. Don’t have a strong answer? You’re likely losing sales.

adding costs 04 Doing it Yourself
adding costs 05 Doing it Yourself

Lost revenue for your partners

Low ranking or none-mobile-optimized websites can have a serious effect on your partners’ ability to generate leads and sales.


From hosting to licensing to bug fixes. You’re constantly dishing out more and more. Why not eliminate these costs entirely?

adding costs 06 Doing it Yourself

So add it ALL up!

We Think Passing These Responsibilities to Empowerkit is Smarter

adding costs 07 Doing it Yourself