6 Key Elements to Launching a Successful Franchise Local SEO: Analytics

search 97587 640 150x150 6 Key Elements to Launching a Successful Franchise Local SEO: AnalyticsFinally, for any franchise local SEO strategy, you need some numbers! How else will you know if you’re achieving the goals you set for your partners? You and your partners should see your goals through and also gather data of what has been working and what hasn’t.

In comes Analytics! This is a tool made by Google that shows you key insight on how your franchise local SEO and online marketing strategy has been doing. Your partners or marketing team should be paying attention to these numbers on a regular basis so they can modify the SEO strategy in your company’s favor!

To put it simply, these are the benefits of tracking your metrics with Analytics:

  • Measuring Your Partner Sites’ Success: It sums up all the efforts and gives back metrics about how your partners are doing in terms of SEO.
  • Provides Key Insight of What Your Partners Doing Right: Which gives your franchisees the chance to try to replicate a certain page or element’s success.
  • Shows You What Visitors Are Doing in the Partner Sites: This gives your partners an idea of what visitors are interested in and where they’re spending most of their time.
  • Can Be Great for A/B Testing: Which means that your partners can try different design, content, etc. to see how their franchisee websites improves or declines.
  • Giving Pointers on What to Improve: But, the best part about Analytics is that you can see what’s lacking in your strategy and aim to improve it!

What Franchise Local SEO Analytics Entails

Setting Up Your Franchisee Website and Reassuring Your Goals

The first thing is the easiest: you need to make sure the franchisee websites are each linked to Analytics so your partners and you can start seeing the results of the SEO strategy. Of course, your partners should start using Analytics after they’ve set clear goals for their franchise local SEO.

Looking for The Right Metrics

Your partners and your corporate team need to check on how many unique visitors a partner site had, how many of them used mobile devices to get there, the average time spent on the site, which pages were more successful, etc. This will give your team and your partners a better idea of what to do to move forward.

Checking Back Constantly

This needs to become part of your partners’ routine for it to be effective. The strategy needs constant maintenance because franchise local SEO is a moving target. Your corporate team and your partners should be checking back regularly to see how the strategy’s doing.

Gathering Information

At the same time, to keep track of the franchise local SEO strategy, partners could gather a month’s time information and create a report with key data and a proposal on how to improve the metrics for the next month.

Tweaking Your Strategy

The last step to a good partner web marketing strategy is adapting to the changing online marketing. Your partners can change the strategy based on the information received through Analytics. This way, they’ll improve their online presence and increase lead generation for your company!

How Empowerkit Can Help

logo 150x150 6 Key Elements to Launching a Successful Franchise Local SEO: AnalyticsYour partners’ input in a partner web marketing strategy is crucial for it to succeed. But, by dumping all the work it entails on them, you run the risk of getting mediocre results at best! They’re already busy with their local unit and online marketing is a full-time job!

If you’re feeling like having your franchisee websites venture into the world wide web all on their own, we’re here for you and them! Empowerkit is a white label website builder that also provides partner online marketing services! We work with them to build a strategy that makes sense for your business and for their local audiences.

Among these services is tracking the metrics the partner sites are getting! We send monthly reports which include suggestions on what we can do to improve performance of your franchisee websites. This way, your partners and you will be able to keep an eye on what we’re doing and how it’s working.

Plus, if at any time you need assistance or an update to the franchise local SEO strategy, give us a call at 510.859.8452 and we’ll take care of it! This way, limited technical skills or the time constraints won’t get in the way of having a strong partner presence online!


All in all, a complete and efficient partner web marketing program takes a lot of effort! Still, it’s essential to survive in today’s increasingly virtual world. People are searching online for local answer to their needs and having a robust partner online marketing strategy will help your partners capture them. This means taking care of everything from setup and design, all the way to Analytics to learn what you’re doing right.

If your partners don’t know where to start or how to achieve a successful franchise local SEO program, we can help them and your company out!

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October 30, 2013

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