Yor Health Replicated Website


Arriving at this site shows a lot of promise. The layout and structure of the site is very modern and professional. The social media integration seems to be very progressive. However, I quickly realized that this site has some major flaws.


The first problem is the complete lack of personalization. This site looks exactly like the corporate site. After a few minutes of digging around, the only element I could find that separates this site from the corporate site is found when clicking the “Enroll” link on the top of the page. A dialogue box opens to confirm that the referring distributor is correct.


Other than that single existence, I found no other difference between this site and the company site. Having this site identical to the corporate site is an absolute SEO killer. This website will be completely impossible to find through an organic search process.


The end goal of this site needs to be engaging site visitors, making connections and building relationships that will lead to product sales and recruitment. This simply can not happen under the current design of this site. A certain level of customization needs to be in place to engage site visitors.

April 7, 2011

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