Web Presence For Co-op Marketing Programs: How does it work?

Co-op programs, as any other marketing strategy, are all about leads. Without leads, there are no customers, without customers there is no income and no income eventually leads to bankrupt. There are more than two billion internet users around the world; that means that there are more than two billion possible leads out there. But how are those users supposed to get to know you? That’s where Web Marketing comes in. In order to attract more target customers to your service or product in an organic way, Web Marketing has to focus on the next aspects:

Building a user friendly website: Without a website, you’re invisible on the internet, it’s that simple.

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Ranking high on search engines: People are looking for your solution when they look online, but there are many others like you on the search engines results.That’s why you have to be on the top of that list in order to be noticed. You can get a paid ad to get there, but 70% of the people don’t click on them because they believe they’re not trustworthy. But there is another way to get there, and it involves content and SEO.

Content: Updating your site constantly is a must. The most relevant your site is, the highest its rank on the list. These are three of the possible ways to create content:

* Blog Posts: A regularly updated blog provides a mechanism for adding fresh content on a regular basis. They should always be about interesting subjects that concern your target market in order to get more visitors.

* Images: Posts with images receive 94% more visits than posts without them.

* Videos: Videos keep users on your website for more time.

SEO: SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, SEO uses specific keywords that are more likely to get traffic from visitors who search those keywords in a search engine. Keywords must be chosen by their popularity. Once the keywords have been identified, they have to be used in title tags, meta data and in all the content your site may have in order to improve your ranking.

What does Empowerkit bring to the table?

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September 13, 2013

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