SeneGence Replicated Website


SenGence replicated sites really need a re-design. I’m sure at one point these sites were on the cutting edge of web technology and social interaction. However, in the many years since this site was designed, advancements have been made that make this site mush less useful than it once was.


The first and most obvious way to engage visitors would be with the addition of original content.  I could buy products like there from any department store, I could sign-up to be a distributor on the corporate site.  These replicated sites need to be about the distributor.  Show some photos of her and her family, allow for a blog about her and her business.


Integrating the distributors social media profiles would be another way to make this site more personal.  Placing links out to her Facebook or Twitter would be a great way to build some bridges between her various online endeavors.

April 1, 2011

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