GNLD Replicated Website


GNLD replicated sites are in pretty bad shape.  The overall goal should be promoting and selling products while also recruiting and enrolling new distributors into the company.


This site is doing a fine job at selling products, but as far as connecting with site visitors and promoting the selling opportunity, it could be doing much better.  A stronger call-to-action is the first order of business.  Having links all over the site for getting more information or seeing the benefits of the program is confusing and timid.  Every page needs to have a bold link or button that will get site visitors started down the path to enrollment with as few clicks as possible.


Integrating social media into this replicated site is another must.  Many distributors are already promoting their direct selling business through Facebook or Twitter, these replicated sites need to link with those social media profiles, bringing the whole conversation full circle.

March 30, 2011

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