Gigi Hill Replicated Website



At the end of the day this site needs to be engaging visitors. That will lead to making new connections and building relationships. This replicated site is missing some key features that would allow for greater engagement with site visitors.
The first feature is the ability for distributors to create original content. This could come in the form of a blog, personal photos or videos, testimonials, a personal bio or a short introduction about the distributor.
Another method for engaging visitors would be by integrating the distributors existing social media profiles. Most of the sales force has already built a social network on Facebook or Twitter. Bringing those two groups together is a great way to add some personality to their replicated websites.
Gigi Hill replicated websites are due for a little refresh, adding some level of personalization and social networking would go a long way towards the success of the sales force online.

April 8, 2011

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