Cookie Lee Replicated Website


This replicated website should have 2 main points of focus; one being on selling products, and the other, more importantly, about enrolling new distributors in the Cookie Lee sales force.  This site is doing well at promoting and selling the Cookie Lee product line, but could use a little help with enrollment.


The key to enrollment is engaging site visitors.  That engagement leads to new connections and relationship building.  This site is missing some features that could really boost visitor engagement.  My first suggestion would be integrating the distributors social media profile into her Cookie Lee site.  This distributor has a very active Facebook profile that is more or less dedicated to her business.  Not connecting that energy and excitement to her replicated website is a missed opportunity.


All things considered this is a pretty good site, a couple little fixes would make it a great site!  I hope to see some upgrades in the near future.

April 1, 2011

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