Body Wise Replicated Website


Body Wise replicated websites need to be about engaging site visitors, making connections and building relationships.  At this point this site is a good place to sell products and loosely promote the selling opportunity, but is coming up short in terms of establishing connections.


This site has many of the key designs and site elements in place, such as a page for “My Story”.  Unfortunately the “Story” from this distributor is not a story, and is far from engaging.  This is a great place for the distributor to talk about herself, her family, show pictures and share stories, not just a box to dump her email address and phone number.


The Facebook link on the page footer should be linking to the distributors profile not the company.  This distributor is one of the most active Body Wise consultants on Facebook, linking her social networks together is on way to help this site build connections and grow the business.


April 4, 2011

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