AdvoCare Replicated Website


The complete lack of social media on this site is a huge missed opportunity for the company to boost recruiting. Simply by placing a button that links out to the distributors Facebook profile or Twitter feed would be a great first step in building relationships and enrolling new distributors. Although the page does allow for a personal message and photo from the distributor, that sort of thing is done once and never looked at again.

Replacing that message with a blog would be a good way to encourage engagement and get distributors more involved with their site as well as their visitors. This site is on the right track with the ability to customize a piece of the home page and with the attention to enrolling new distributors, but the over all message is lost.  Rather than being a place to generate a community or build individual relationships, this replicated website acts as an online store with the option to join the sales force.

March 17, 2011

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