The Evolution of Replicated Websites Part X: Analyze & Iterate

The Evolution of replicated websites has taken us on a long journey. Starting with the first attempts of the direct sales online, up to the current state or replicated websites.

We talked about the value of understanding distributor needs and knowing what tools and features are available. Once the right solution has been decided on we, we looked at the importance of education and training prior to launch. Now that your sites have gone live, let’s look at the data coming back, and what it all means.

Analyze & Iterate

Getting your replicated websites up and running is the only first phase.  Having such a flexible system allows for the constant growth and reevaluation that is required to stay competitive online.

Responsive Feedback Loop

After creating and implementing the right replicated website solution, don’t just drop the ball and hope for the best results. Like any marketing initiative, your replicated websites are a tool that require regular performance analysis, and iterative changes need to be made in order to ensure their running at peak effectiveness over time.

Taking advantage of all the tools and mechanisms available is essential in monitoring performance and adapting as needed. Apply the administrative analytics and user feedback to improve the system and adjust the levels of control and content flexibility.

Listen to the sales force, and watch consumer trends in social media and search. The data coming back from every corner of the system should allow for constant re- evaluation and the ongoing evolution of your replicated websites moving into the future.

Remaining Competitive

Screen shot 2011 04 07 at 1.11.52 PM 300x139 The Evolution of Replicated Websites Part X: Analyze & Iterate

The history of replicated websites is less than 15 years old, and in that short time we have seen an incredible amount of technological and social innovation take place on the web.

Over the next 20 years that same amount of advancement is sure to happen, but accelerating at a much faster speed. Embrace the evolution of the web by integrating a flexible system for distributors to lead the way into the digital revolution.

Empower every distributor to maximize their potential online. Encourage them to be who they are, make connections, build relationships and grow their business.

The Internet should be a tool for the entire sales force, a way to reach new audiences and strengthen the existing team. Every distributor needs a personalized replicated website to make this possible.

April 15, 2011

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