How New MLM Companies Can Be More Competitive

racecars How New MLM Companies Can Be More Competitive

Launching a new network marketing company involves countless challenges, obstacles, and expenses. Product development, market research, compensation plans, back-office MLM software, recruitment strategies, compliance policies and agreements, branding, replicated websites, and building a strong leadership team are but a few of the projects ahead of you..and the list goes on.

With all that goes into getting a new MLM company off the ground, you need to make sure the opportunity is compelling and highly competitive. Prospective distributors considering your new opportunity should be constantly reassured that your company is among the best, most innovative MLM concepts out there, where they stand to truly prosper from getting involved.

stressed How New MLM Companies Can Be More Competitive

One of the biggest challenges for new MLMs to becoming competitive is directly correlated to meeting the growing needs of distributors – that is, having an effective personal marketing and sales strategy that leverages all of the available outlets, especially online and in social media. Most new companies follow the pathetic industry standard of providing obsolete replicated websites as part of a back-office MLM software solution, and let their distributors fend for themselves in the intimidating and complex world of social media and blogging.

Don’t make this mistake and put your new MLM company in jeopardy! Top performing distributors are increasingly relying on blogging and social media (Facebook Pages, Twitter and YouTube primarily) to build powerful downlines and grow their businesses to 6- and 7-figure residual incomes, and new distributors are taking note. Ignore the writings on the wall at your own peril.

Here are a few tips to make sure you launch successfully, attract the best distributors, and remain competitive:

1. Provide Better Replicated Websites

As I’ve blogged about in previous posts, and is evidenced heavily by distributors’ sentiments, replicated websites that only offer a name, image, and contact information are pretty much worthless. Distributors want more personalization…they want to blog, connect their social profiles, and actually engage with visitors of their site – and they deserve all that and more through their company replicated websites. Offering this can really set you apart from competitors and help you attract excellent distributors.

2. Don’t Ignore Social Media, Embrace It!

Social media is not a fad, it’s not going away, and it’s a quickly growing force in network marketing communities that distributors are flocking to in droves. Plan a social media strategy that empowers distributors to take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other networks to become successful, while also providing the guidance and reasonable policies that will keep them compliant and on the right path to success.

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3. Lead By Example

Internet marketing is the wave of the future, and it’s actually been here for some time! Don’t just sit on the sidelines. You should also develop your corporate game-plan, and there’s plenty examples of companies that are doing this and thriving. Just look at direct selling companies like Usana, Amway, and Pampered Chef to get some inspiration.

Overwhelmed and not sure how or where to get started? Don’t worry, there are lots of valuable resources, products, services, and helpful folks in the industry here to support you. Leave a comment below, or feel free to give me a call (415-512-1565), and I’d be happy to chat with you about how Empowerkit can help make you competitive on all of these fronts (especially premium replicated websites) and more!

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January 6, 2011

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