Tips: Have a Content Hub for Social Media

Every franchise is hearing about social media, and trying to figure out how they can work it into their marketing program, so it actually makes sense and is integrated. And one of the important things you have to be aware of is that with social media, it’s all about having compelling content and the conversations that evolve around that content, whether that is in the form of tips like this, videos, photos, blog posts, news releases, [or] something interesting with a customer interaction you had. That’s what is really the core of social media, is good compelling content and the conversations that evolve around it.

The important thing to have in place is a hub where that content can originate from, be stored, and where – when people are talking about whatever it is that you are twetting about, that you are using Facebook to create discussions  about, you are using LinkedIn groups and other niche communities out there – where they are linking back to get the full story about that, again, if it’s a blog, if it’s a video, etc. it is important to have a hub where all that content is based, so that when people are consuming that content in the full form they have a point at which they can convert, they can actually become a customer, they can submit an inquiry, they can learn more about your company. That is a big piece where companies have missed it, and it is really important. And that is a big benefit of Empowerkit, because it becomes that base where all the content can be originated from, and then it can be spread throughout social media, throughout all the networks that the franchisee is using, get the dialog and conversations going back and forth about that content, and then have people link back to their site. And that is the point at which they can engage with the franchise a lot more and they can actually become a customer through a conversion, and I think that is the really important thing about social media, is to have that hub.

Chris Anderson

April 25, 2010

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