How Does Empowerkit Work?

Each Empowerkit website is made up of what we call Apps. You can control these Apps from your Master Site! Each site owners gets access to each site to the degree that you decide.

What are Apps?

Think of them as customizable mini-applications that you can use in your sites. You can style, position, configure, and compose content for them. Everything from Blogging to Twitter to Forms and so much more!

What is the "Master" site?

Each Empowerkit website is made up of what we call Apps. You can control these Apps from your Master Site! Each site owners gets access to each site to the degree that you decide.

What can I control?

  • Push App content to all your sites
  • Lock App positions
  • Lock certain styles choices
  • Disable removal of Apps
  • Set the default content for Apps

How Are Sites Created?

1. Paste their emails!

You can either paste their emails right into Empowerkit to generate sites for them

3. Use the self sign up form!

Just email everyone the link so they can sign themselves up! You also have the option to first authorize new sites.

How do URL's work in Empowerkit?


Keep in mind that when you first sign up, your URLs look like this:

After your setup your top level domain, your links will look like this:

This article explains how you can use your own domain.

One thing you want to keep in mind is that your website URL's start out looking something like this "" Let's say your top level domain is - after you go through the setup process, your site addresses will look like and so on.

Side note: your individual site owners can also choose to use their own site names as well.

How does my corporate site integrate with Empowerkit?

Empowerkit can integrate with your site in a few different ways depending on how you want to integrate your site with Empowerkit.

External Links. You can look at the video below to get an idea of how external links get pulled into your Empowerkit site. You can turn this functionality off if you'd like the links to just simply open up in a completely new window.

The look & feel. The video below shows how you can easily take the look and feel from your corporate site and in about 5 minutes have all your content and style settings ready to go!

How do we integrate our enrollment or signup process with Empowerkit?

There are two ways to achieve this.

Use the "pageslide" functionality (see below) to pull your existing form. You can see a video example of how a form can be pulled into your site. This uses your existing URL.


Use the embed anything app. You can emebed your form into the Embed Anything app.

Use our API. If your users are signing up for your organization via your own form, you can use our API to create sites. It's a very simple API! The most junior developer will be able to use it.

How does the Master Site work?

When you create a new site, the new site looks to the Master Site and copies everything from the Master Site onto the new site. So that means that if you change your Master Site and then create a new site, it will be identical to the Master Site.

What about previous created sites? They won't be effected. The only time they will change is if you change the content or a setting of a global app.

Ok, how can I push changes to all the sites? For Style, you do that by clicking the little "lock" from your style panel. For Content, when clicking on the settings of an app, you can set whether you want to push content changes using the "Global" option. Some more information on global changes below...

  1. Make it "Global": This means that EVERY site will change to have the global version of this app. The global version of the app gets all its content from the Master Site.

  2. Lock the position: This means that you can lock position of this app wherever it is on the site. The key thing with this feature is to make sure you do this BEFORE you create new sites if you are very particular about the placement of a certain app.

  3. Not allow for removal: This features is especially useful for when you want a global app to stay somewhere within the site. Turning this setting on prevents your site owners from being able to remove that particular app from their site.

How do you handle commission management?

  1. Use ours. Use our commission management system. We have partner with a back-office company that allows us to handle enrollment, commission management, payout and genealogy. If you want to utilize this, please get in touch with this.

  2. Use your own. If you are paying out commission for products and using an external commerce & commission management system that you are happy with, you can use the Product App to pass the referrer ID to your URLs. Here is more information for how that works.

What about custom functionality that you don't have?

Most custom functionality would fall in one of two categories.

  1. API Integration. Our API allows you to create sites, remove sites, and get all kinds of information that you’d like from your sites. We will also expose app specific data upon request. The API integration is mostly used to integrate with an existing form or signup process that you currently have.

  2. Custom Apps. We offer custom application development as a part of our custom services. So if there is an application that you would really like us to build for you, it can be done! Just contact us to get a quote. We also have planned for the 3rd quarter of 2011 to release our SDK so your developers will be able to develop apps and plug them into our system.

  3. Embed Anything App. The easiest way is to use the Embed Anything app that you’ll find in your app store to put in custom HTML code.

How do we get all our members in here?

  1. Paste them in the site creator. This is the easiest option. Our site creator program just creates the sites using the email address that you've provided one by one.

  2. Share a link to our self-signup page. You can share the link for the self-signup page through any social media channel, email blast, or anywhere else really! The self-signup form comes ready with every installation. You can find it when you click "Your Sites".

  3. Integrate into your enrollment process. Have an existing enrollment process that you'd like to integrate site creation for? Using our API you can send any number of variables for the user and create a site! It's really simple. Contact us to get more information about our API.

  4. Ask us to do a bulk import for you. Have a large member database that you want to create sites for? You can give us an export and we'll import it for you. Just drop us a line!

Have a question that we didn't cover?

Drop us a line please! We'd love to answer it.