Web Marketing Package For Co-Op ProgramsWe manage & create engaging websites on behalf of your partners!

Include our services in your co-op marketing program for free

Real Sales Enablement!

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Simple management

You set the plan and controls, your partners take the advantage of your co-op marketing program! They can choose different service packages created to handle their online marketing on their behalf! Learn more

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Content updates by phone

Your partners can reach us directly by phone to add new content updates. We make sure the compliance policies are observed.

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Compliant content creation

Our expert team works with your partners and your compliance team to have compliant, unique content in their local websites.

Successful Co-op Marketing Strategy

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Improve your recruitment

Partners more than ever are searching for advantages of marketing development funds. Is your offer more accessible than from your competitors?

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Better rankings mean
more sales

Appealing and updated websites are ranked better by search engines that produces more sales for you & your partners!

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Free for you
& your partners

You & your partners get Empowerkit for free. We only charge for optional one-on-one support packages.

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Compliant & engaging websites

It is feasible! You & your partners can have both – involvement & control!

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Optional enrollment

Roll out Empowerkit only to those who are interested! It can be optional!

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Free trial or pilot

Want to see how it works? No problem!
Click here to learn about our pilot program!

Boost Your Web Marketing Efforts!

Concentrate on your poor performers to help improve their online marketing

Roll-out as optional to everyone

Require it for everyone

Provide it to your
tech savvy partners,
usually your
early adopters

Keep in mind that Empowerkit can be launched as an opt-in program that can live
next to your current online marketing program.

Web Marketing is Confusing!

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Mediocre vendors

When your partners go out on their own, they can make wrong decisions and pick low quality vendors for their marketing and advertising needs.

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Wasted time & money

Launch this. Launch that. Improve this. It’s been almost a year, thousands of dollars poured down the drain and still nothing real results.

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Confused partners

It’s very easy to get puzzled by the quantity of web development tools. Guide your partners in the right direction.

Solid Co-Op Web Strategy

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Empowerkit not only provides your partners withthe best tools and support available but lets you gain control to boost your partner marketing efforts!ek homepage 02 successful brand partners1 Co op Marketing
Corporate Control Keep an eye on brand compliance or any legal issues that could escalate. You are able to log in any time and edit or take down a site.
Consumer Claim More than 80% of your final clients look you up online before making a purchase.
Guidance & Recruitment More than 80% of partners across industries have reported online marketing and advertising support as a key driver in their decision to choose a brand to work with.
Quality & Feature-set We have the most complete feature-set and expertise in the industry.
Professional Support Everything from content updates by phone to unique content creation to caring phone support.

30,000 Partners Enjoy Our Services!

Sit Back & Relax!

design your template Co op Marketing

Your brand, replicated

We will work with you to replicate your brand’s current design within our platform!

Show me some examples

live side by side Co op Marketing

Can work side by side

Empowerkit does NOT have to substitute their current landing page or replicated site.

setup everything Co op Marketing

We handle setup

Interested in custom functionality or a specific workflow? CMS integration? We’ve got you covered!

Our Program Includes

  1. Content Marketing Services

    Content marketing services designed for partners who lack time or technical skills.

  2. Super Fast Hosting

    Speed plays important role in decision making for your final clients. Our sites load super fast.

  3. Human Support

    Our expert support is always in reach – call to speak to us or click to e-mail. We love to help.

  4. Multisite Management

    You can administer your sites with one click! Create, manage, edit or log into when necessary.

  1. Engaging Websites

    Leave those old fashioned sites behind with beautiful interactive websites that engage customers.

  2. Reporting

    You will get reports every month with recommendations on what we can do to improve your co-op marketing performance.

  3. Design

    We design templates on your behalf based on your corporate site.

  4. Brand Management Tools

    Looking for more control over branding or content? You can easily turn controls off and on.

  1. Powerful Website Builder

    The most advanced yet easy to use website builder on the market. Check it for yourself. More

  2. Direct Partner BillingWe can directly bill your partners and handle payment collection.

  3. Setup

    We handle every part of the setup so you can focus on your core business!

  4. Mobile Optimization

    All Empowerkit sites come already mobile optimized so you can be confident they look great everywhere!

We’ve Got You Covered!

No cost

We don’t charge a cent out of your advertising funds!


Our co-op marketing is fully hosted and managed


Guided training, setup &
reaching out to your partners.

No risk

Free trial, opt-in launch!

Happy Customers