Hospitality International Marketing Assistance Program for Franchisees

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Made for Business

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Search engine optimized

Our sites are optimized for search engines out of the box. You can take this a step further by enabling hybrid controls for more unique content as well!

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Mobile optimized

Your website is automatically made to work and fit nicely within tablet and mobile devices. There is nothing to do and no need to make separate versions.

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Attract new customers

Whether you need to drive people to your location, or generate leads through your site, we've got the tools and services to help you attract new customers!

Affordable Success Packages

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Updates by phone

Limited technical skills? Don’t have the time? Doesn’t matter! You can call us directly to make new content updates.

Dedicated copywriter

Your staff doesn’t have the time to create the content? That’s ok. We’ll do it for you. A dedicated copywriter will work with you to write content for your site!

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Business listings

We submit your website to the appropriate directories!

Publish to social media!

Don't have the time to be active on Twitter and Facebook? We'll publish your latest content updates to your Facebook and Twitter profiles for you!

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Local market alerts

Would you like to know about your competitors' PR efforts? How about when you show up on any blogs or local news? We'll send you a collection of the latest alerts relevant to your local market once a week.

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Easy setup

We handle the initial site setup and onboarding process to get you acquainted with our program.

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Reporting & analysis

We send monthly reports which include number of organic visitors, top viewed pages on your site, and visitors by city.

Truly Modern Interface

Interactive applications

Our library of applications can be easily dropped into your site and configured just the way you like them!

Drag & drop + edit in place

Editing your website is just like most of the other apps you’re used to. Drag and drop anything you see on the page. Double click on anything you see to edit it!

Powerful design tools

Layout builder, design shuffler and skins are just a few of the powerful design tools that allow you to create anything you can dream of.

Extremely flexible

With Empowerkit you can build almost any website you can imagine using our visual tools!

Hosted & Cared For

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Constantly pushing new code

Our team is pushing new features and updates daily so you can have the absolute best experience!

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Super fast sites

Speed is everything, so we built an advanced caching system that serves up your site super quickly.

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Scaled infrastructure

We have a team that constantly monitors and scales our server infrastructure, so we can grow with your needs.

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