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Your franchisees can choose from a variety of service packages designed to handle their online marketing efforts on their behalf! Learn more

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Updates by phone

Your franchisees can call us directly to make new content updates in their local websites. We make sure the content updates are compliant.

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Compliant content creation

Our staff works with your franchisees and your compliance team to produce compliant, unique online content that helps you with your SEO.

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efforts now!

Franchisees more than ever are looking for a complete local marketing assistance program. Are you ahead of your competitors?

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Refreshed franchisee sites are ranked higher by the major search engines, which produce more leads and revenue!

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You & your franchisees get Empowerkit for free. We only charge for optional one-on-one support requests.

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Empowerkit has made it possible for both you & your franchisees to have a healthy mix of input & control! Franchise website management made easy!

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Optional enrollment

Provide Empowerkit only to interested franchisees! Make it optional!

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early adopters

Remember that Empowerkit can be rolled out as an opt-in program that can live
side by side with your current online marketing efforts.

Your Franchisees Need Your Guidance

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Mediocre vendors

When your franchisees go out on their own, they make snap decisions at picking low quality vendors that make promises about SEO but they fail to deliver results.

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Wasted valuable resources

Work on this. Try out that. Enhance this. Time passes, money is wasted and you see no returns.

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Confused franchisees

Your franchisees can easily get overwhelmed by all the options. They know SEO is important for their franchise but their not sure where to start.

Lead Your Franchisees

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Picking Empowerkit not only equips your franchiseeswith the best tools and services available butallows you to gain control and jumpstart yourfranchisees’ online marketing efforts!ek homepage 02 successful brand partners1 Franchise SEO
Corporate Management Avoid brand or regulatory compliance issues! Franchisor has the control to edit or take down any of the sites whenever necessary. Simple franchise website management!
Consumer Demand Over 80% of your final consumers search online before making a purchase. Local websites for franchisees will lead them to your business.
Guidance & Choice Over 80% of franchisees across industries have noted online marketing as a key driver in their decision to pick a company to work with.
Quality & Feature-set Our feature-set is the most complete in the franchise industry.
Professional Assistance Franchisee assistance at their convenience – starting from content updates by phone to unique content creation to thorough phone support.

30,000 Partners Enjoy Our Services!

Sit Back & Relax!

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We handle design

We’ll design your website on the basis of your brand’s current look. Franchisee web design made easy!Show me some examples

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Can coexist

Empowerkit does NOT have to replace their current landing page. Local websites for franchisees can be an advanced option for the interested ones.

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We handle setup

Are you thinking about customized options or specific features? As a franchisor you are worried about CMS integration? We’ll work on that!

Our Technology & Services

  1. SEOSEO & Content marketing services designed for franchisees with little time or technical skills.
  2. Super Fast HostingWe pride ourselves with the fastest sites. Speed can mean everything in making decisions to purchase.
  3. Human SupportWe will always be just a call or click away. Support in every step.
  4. Multisite ManagementFranchisor has the control over all the website management – creating, managing, editing and logging into any of them with one click!
  1. Modern WebsiteForget about those outdated local sites! Choose beautiful interactive websites that attract local customers.
  2. ReportingFollow up reports every month with suggestions on site performance improvements.
  3. DesignWe design layouts based on your current corporate site. Franchise web design does not need to be complicated!
  4. Brand Management ToolsRequire stronger franchise branding or content control? Turn the franchise website management controls off and on as needed.
  1. Powerful Franchise Website BuilderThe most advanced yet easy to use website builder on the market. Try it for yourself. More
  2. Direct Partner BillingWe can directly bill your franchisees and handle payment collection.
  3. SetupTime to sit back and relax! We’ll handle every step of the setup.
  4. Mobile OptimizationEvery site on our platform is mobile optimized by default. They will look excellent everywhere!

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We bill your franchisees directly.


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Guided training, setup & outreach to your franchisees.

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Free trial, opt-in rollout!

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