WineShop At Home Replicated Website


The very nature of wine and home parties is very social, upbeat and casual. I’m sure the WineShop At Home party experience is as well.  Unfortunately that is lost on their replicated websites.  Moving the fun of a wine party from the living room onto a web page is not easy, but making a more interaction page would be a good start. Integrating social media into the distributor website is one way to help engage visitors.

Implementing original content in the site, such as a personal story or introduction from the distributor, photos, updates or a blog, videos or testimonials are more great ways to build a connection with site visitors.

I am glad to see a call-to-action on this site. Gathering visitor information for a newsletter is a good way to start getting people involved, educating them about the selling opportunity and eventually enrolling them as new distributors. This site has potential, embracing the social element will is the next step toward success.

March 26, 2011

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