Team Beachbody Replicated Website


Team Beachbody seems to understand the importance of connection and interaction by allowing such great social media integration in their distributor sites. That approach needs to take effect across the entire site. The one huge missed opportunity is the weak call-to-action for joining the sales force.  

The home page has at least 7 different options for getting involved. Two link to joining the program and not enrolling as a distributor, two link to success stories but are not clear if the stories are about success in being a coach or joining.

One offers “benefits of being a coach”, one link to “learn more”, and finally a button labeled “Coach”, which is the one that leads to enrolling as a distributor. The option to enroll with the company should be very bold and obvious, that may come through changing the size, font, color or placement, but must be much more clear to the site visitors who want to get involved with the company.

March 23, 2011

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