Shaklee Replicated Website


One missed opportunity with this site is the placement of the “about us” page.  The landing page is not the “about us” message from the distributor, rather a generic welcome message from Shaklee.  The distributors message is the only personalized message that will help to engage with site visitors, and should be the very first element any site visitor sees.

Shaklee has taken a very progressive position allowing distributors to create their own message.  Like I said before, some are taking full advantage by embedding photos and videos, linking to their social media profiles or placing direct contact information in the body of their message.  Shaklee obviously understands the advantage of personalization, I would like to see it taken one step further with blog posts, social media feeds and site customization.

This site is far ahead of most replicated sites out there, but still not fully realized in the way of engaging with visitors.  Going from the distributor bio to “join now” is quite a leap, the gap between those, making connections and building relationships needs to be filled.

March 22, 2011

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