Pink Papaya Replicated Website


Currently this site is a great place for the distributor to sell products, but the element of promoting the opportunity to join the company is very broad and vague.  With a stronger call-to-action this replicated website would be a much better tool for distributors to grow their business.  One central location with all the resources about the opportunity would be very helpful.

Integrating the distributors Facebook profile or Twitter account would be another good way to tie her social networks together.  Since I did find one replicated site with a Facebook feed embedded, I know it’s possible for all distributors to do so.  Which brings up the issue of training and education.  Even the best tools available are worthless without the right guidance.

I mentioned in the WineShop At Home review, and think it applies here as well, that these Party Plan companies know how to have fun and socialize, they need to bring that sense to their websites as well.  An interactive or engaging element similar to the nature of the party would be a great balance with regards to their business on the web.

March 29, 2011

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