Nikken Replicated Website


Many elements of this site are on the right track, but need to be fully developed.  Building a link for “My Story” is a great idea, but not having the distributors story is a let down.  Embedding social media sharing buttons is a great feature, not linking out the the distributors profile is a missed opportunity.


When visitors arrive at this site they need to be welcomed and engaged.  The first thing I did was look at the distributors info box on the top of the page and click to read her story.  This is a great place to start making a connection with site visitors.  Uploading photos, videos, testimonial, or a background story from the distributor are all great ways for me to start to feel like I want to make a purchase from this person, or to join her business.


A few little design tweaks and some personalization would make this a much better replicated website.  I hope to see some customization and social media integration in the near future.

April 5, 2011

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