Juice Plus Replicated Website


All things considered this is a decent website to inform visitors about the Juice Plus product line. Unfortunately this replicated website is missing an amazing opportunity to recruit new distributors and grow the existing sales force.  This site should be a tool offered to every distributor assisting with their success, however it only assists in the sales of products.

This puts distributors in the position of recruiting elsewhere, in places like Facebook, Twitter or on their own website or blog, putting both the company and the sales force in a difficult position. Compliance becomes a major risk, the brand image and company reputation could be diluted when out of the company’s reach.

Many distributors don’t have the resources to come up with their own recruiting methods online and simply don’t enroll new representatives or go about it in an unprofessional manner.  Direct selling companies must provide their sales force with options to network and build relationships online, Juice Plus included.

March 14, 2011

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