FreeLife Replicated Website


FreeLife International replicated websites are a good source for buying FreeLife products, getting information on the company and the selling opportunity.  The site offers in-depth information on the company history, mission of the company, endorsers and clinical studies.

The only opportunity to get involved is to “Enroll Now”, this assumes that a visitor will read the compensation plan or watch the nearly 13 minute video and be ready to sign-up.  This completely misses all opportunities to build any kind of rapport with site visitors.  This is a real “all or nothing” approach, visitors either sign-up or go away.
There is no option for any kind of follow up, a newsletter opt-in or personal contact. Unfortunately the entire element of community and relationship building is non-existent.   FreeLife distributors are missing the opportunity to engage with new site visitors, make connections, build relationships and most importantly generate and capture leads.

March 12, 2011

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