Chartreuse Replicated Website


Chartreuse Products replicated websites are in great need of a re-design.  Everything from the structure and layout to the content and engagement mechanisms need to be changed.  This site needs to be all about enrolling new distributors and selling products, period.  The way that is done is though making connections with site visitors and building relationships.  That is simply not going to happen with this website.


Allowing distributors to create and post original content is a must.  Sharing photos of her friends and family, giving testimonials from her current customers or writing journal entries about the Chartreuse experience would be one way to start engaging with her visitors.


The one thing I am very happy to see on this site is the Facebook integration.  That is a simple and effective way to link all of the distributor’s social interaction together.  Unfortunately I saw another another replicated site with no Facebook badge embedded, which tells me that the option is there, but not being taken advantage of.


On top of a re-design for these sites, Chartreuse Products Inc. also needs to do some training and education with the sales force on how to maximize social media to grow their business.

March 30, 2011

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