Arbonne Replicated Website


Arbonne replicated sites are on the right track allowing distributors to customize elements of their pages.  The disconnect is that distributors are clearly not taking advantage of that freedom to personalize their website.  Plugging in a message written by corporate should not be an option.  Let distributors know this is their opportunity to engage with their site visitors and start an interaction that will lead to sales and recruitment.

Another huge piece missing here is the lack of social media integration.  Many distributors already  have active social networks in other locations, not combining them with their replicated site is a missed opportunity.  These sites need to be about making connections and building relationships, that needs to be built into every element of the page in one way or another.
A little training on site usage and some design upgrades would make a world of difference for Arbonne replicated websites.
March 24, 2011

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