Junk King Signs on with Empowerkit

Junk King founders Junk King Signs on with Empowerkit

Junk King, an innovative new franchise providing sustainable junk removal and hauling services for homes and businesses, has signed on with Empowerkit to provide franchisees their own customizable websites to boost unit-level SEO and lead generation efforts. As the fastest growing new franchise in first quarter 2010, Junk King forecasts its continued expansion requiring further streamlined operations and systems for its network of franchisees – Empowerkit provides a much needed scalable platform for managing franchisee websites, to strengthen local marketing and sales.

“We knew early on our franchisees needed their own websites, just like any small business these days, to drive online lead generation,” said Junk King CEO Brian Reardon. “Building a system in-house would be too costly and time consuming, and the vendors we found at first didn’t pass our litmus tests – until we found Empowerkit. We saw immediately their focus was on ROI, which meant a lot to us.”

Reardon continued, “By allowing our franchise partners to edit their content in real time by updating local promotions, testimonials, tips, and other types of content, it’s like having an SEO team working constantly to rank Junk King higher in search engine results.”

Since publishing frequent, locally-focused website content has shown a 55% increase in traffic and a 90% increase in leads*, Empowerkit enables franchisees to be much more competitive in their local markets. “There are over three and a half billion online searches every month, and 80 to 90% of people start the buying process on search engines. Combine that with the ever-growing problem of franchisees building their own “rogue” websites, Empowerkit was a no-brainer for Junk King,” said Reardon. “The ease of use and flexibility of Empowerkit was simply unmatched.”

*Source: “Marketing Data: 50+ Charts and Graphs of Original Marketing Research” by HubSpot – http://bit.ly/bVp7Bk

June 11, 2010

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