Empowerkit Partners with Franchise Foundry!

handshake Empowerkit Partners with Franchise Foundry!

We’ve officially partnered with the great folks over at Franchise Foundry to introduce Empowerkit to a broader audience of franchise companies – we’re pumped to be working with them! The partnership has kicked off by launching Empowerkit for two of Franchise Foundry’s portfolio companies, Cybertary and Spoon Me, with several others to follow.

In addition to providing its portfolio companies with Empowerkit local websites, Franchise Foundry will also be leveraging its relationships and reputation in the franchising industry to bring on new clients as well. Having now worked with a number of franchise companies, and often having the responsibility of managing their local websites, Franchise Foundry was eager to get behind Empowerkit once learning about its capabilities and the value it can provide franchisees and franchisors.

More news on this partnership coming soon, stay tuned!

December 30, 2010

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