Picking the Right MLM Software Solution

frequently asked questions 293x300 Picking the Right MLM Software SolutionSo you’re trying to pick the right MLM software solution for your new MLM company or revaluating what you currently have.

There are so many choices!!! You asked around… you did a google search… now you have a batch of contestants to compare… iMatrix, Multisoft, ByDesign, and so many more. Ok! now you got a spreadsheet created and started to compare their feature lists…

WAIT! You’re searching the wrong way! Do you know what you’re searching for?

Let’s start with this question. Do you know what you want to provide to your distributors? What kind of value are you trying to provide them? Do you know what their day to day activities look like? What are they having the most trouble with? What do they actually need your help with?

Do you care about providing value where it’s needed? It’s an important question to answer.

Most of the MLM software solutions in the industry are antiquated at best when compared with other industries. Why? Because the standards are low. The standards in network marketing software are low because MLM companies don’t demand better tools for their distributors and the reason why distributors don’t demand better is because the features in most of these platforms are never used!

Why? Because the distributors don’t have leads to manage!

Let me put this into prespective. Most of you are searching for a backoffice solution which is really just a way of managing your leads when you first haven’t solved how your distributors are going to get leads.

How are these people suppose to marke themselves?

Distributors need the most help in marketing themselves so they can generate leads.

MLM companies have to realize that your job isn’t to provide a commodoty to your distributors. Your job is to provide the RIGHT MIX of

* Education
* Marketing Tools (offline and online)
* Constant Marketing Support

The current mentality in the business is that “I am looking for the cheapest solution from the software provider that says they’ll do everything for as low as possible”.

That’s a shame because if you give a crappy car to your distributors, they’ll never get anywhere and they’ll hop off just as quickly as they hopped in.

If you focus your attention on tools and support that can really help them in marketing themselves, maybe one day you’ll have a reason to give them a way to manage all that business.

February 15, 2011

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