Start New Recruits on the Right Foot or They’ll Fail

starting line Start New Recruits on the Right Foot or They’ll Fail

Getting a new recruit signed up on your downline is exhilarating! The new distributor is excited about joining you in your fabulous opportunity, and ready to dive right in and get started. It’s important to capture this spark of excitement, and set your newbie on the right path immediately – or you risk them losing interest and becoming another unfortunate MLM statistic. Don’t let that happen!

Starting your new team member by going straight to blogging, Facebook’ing, and Tweeting is dangerous, beware…

I know, ironic hearing this from a techy who provides MLM software solutions with replicated websites used to blog, create social media traction, and generate leads. But think about it…why would you guide a new distributor to market themselves online, before they’re comfortable approaching their warm market in person or over the phone? If they don’t know how to handle calls and person-to-person meetings, their chances of succeeding at Internet marketing and social media are slim to none. And let’s not take for granted the overwhelm that non-computer savvy recruits can easily feel if you start droning on about Facebook “likes”, retweets and followers too early on.

phone Start New Recruits on the Right Foot or They’ll Fail

For a new recruit to become successful, they need to get a taste of success ASAP, and feel completely comfortable with how they’re going to approach selling. The best way to do this is to work with them hands-on right away to show them the ropes, and give them guidance on best practices and pitfalls to avoid (like inadvertently alienating oneself from close friends and family).

Now, if your recruit is already a web wiz and eager to leverage their own replicated website and social media to generate leads, that’s where tools like Empowerkit come into play – allowing you to set them up with a custom replicated website, blog, social media feeds, lead captures and more, all in minutes.

But just remember, it’s your job to make your new recruit successful and give them the guidance they need to start down the right path, regardless of their Internet savvy, interests in replicated websites and social media, or lack thereof.

overwhelmed Start New Recruits on the Right Foot or They’ll Fail

By guiding them to Internet marketing too early, you risk them becoming overwhelmed, not seeing immediate results, and losing interest – resulting in that branch of your downline drying up and falling right off the tree.

Platforms like Empowerkit are there to quickly jump start your novice and advanced recruits alike with powerful replicated websites and social media tools, but make sure they’re fully prepared before you unleash them into the wild wild west of the web.

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January 1, 2011

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