Top 3 Facebook Tips for an MLM Start Up

Let’s face it, integrating your business, your brand or your MLM start up with today’s social media is not only a tool for getting and staying ahead, but a must for any form of personal success.  Anybody and everybody is on Facebook and Twitter, but are you using it to build your brand awareness?  Is social media proving to be a successful recruiting ground for your sales  force?  Are you using social media to capitalize on prospective opportunities?  There is an avalanche of social platforms to do this, everything from Twitter and LinkedIn to Tumblr and foursquare.  Today I want to talk specifically about Facebook.  In case you have been living in a cave, Facebook has 600 million active users, users with various agendas, anything from catching up with high school crushes to personal branding and network marketing.

facebook4 Top 3 Facebook Tips for an MLM Start Up

I want to focus on using Facebook as a conversion mechanism while remaining compliant with your MLM.  For the past few weeks I have been reviewing some well known direct selling companies and how they approach social media, and the elephant in the room; Facebook.  Unfortunately the approach is usually a laundry list of don’ts, instead of a system of support and encouragement for an MLM  start up.

Top 3 Facebook Tips for Social Media Marketing with an MLM start up

1- Logo

logogo Top 3 Facebook Tips for an MLM Start Up

Every MLM distributor must have an independent distributor logo to use on Facebook and on their replicated website.  Many distributors are left in a place of not understanding the logo policy of their company, leading them to use the corporate logo, or on Facebook, no logo at all.  Providing an official independent distributor logo is the first step in a transparent continuity of your brand into Facebook.

2- Preemptive Guidance and Strategy

goal Top 3 Facebook Tips for an MLM Start Up

Trey Campbell, director of communications for The Southwestern Company, recently put it best, “social media is here to stay.”  Knowing and excepting that fact is a huge step for any direct selling company or MLM start up.  Ignoring or resisting Facebook as a powerful avenue will not only cause a mountain of headaches, but keep you and your sales force from maximizing your potential.  Build a proactive strategy, understand the risks and benefits of social media and lay out plans before an issue in your business presents itself.  Facebook for network marketing must be used as any other business strategy; who is your audience?  What are they interested in and what are you offering?  How are you connecting with them?  Where are they in relation to your business and your goals?  Engaging in high quality interactions will turn Facebook leads into prospects.

3-  Conversion Tools

tools Top 3 Facebook Tips for an MLM Start Up

You have a strategy for your MLM start up and your Facebook presence, now what?  What’s working for you, what’s failing?  Do you have identifiable tools and metrics set up?  Are you getting “likes”, and comments?  How are you handling them?  Do you have a content schedule to stay fresh in news feeds?  Are you getting people to continue to your website?  How about getting sign-ups for your newsletter or RSS feed?  Are new contacts and email addresses coming in?  These are all ways that Facebook should be working for you.  If any of your answers to these questions are unclear, you are not getting the most out of Facebook for your start up.  At the end of the day you need to be converting clicks and likes to leads and traffic to your website.

Your MLM Start Up the Right Way

At Empowerkit, we have developed a unique approach to building a replicated website that integrates smoothly into Facebook allowing you and your sales force to capitalize on 600 million relationships.  By building a Facebook friendly version of your website, social media becomes a measurable extension of your brand, getting your MLM start up on the right path.

image credit:  FacebookPV KS (setting goals), Barefoot in Florida (tools for an MLM start up)

February 3, 2011

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