40 Reasons Why Replicated Sites Suck

1. Google doesn’t crawl them
2. You can’t customize your message
3. The personalization is a joke
4. They don’t offer any real social media integration
5. They don’t offer any promotion tools
6. Have unfriendly URL’s that no one can remember
7. Have designs that suck
8. They don’t get updated with new applications and features
9. They were developed for the 90’s
10. They don’t offer any video functionality
11. They don’t integrate with any real autoresponders
12. They don’t offer any kind of analytics tracking
13. They look like cookie cutter websites that get mistaken for the corporate site
14. They contain 95% duplicate content
15. The 95% duplicate content rarely gets updated by corporate
16. They don’t allow distributors to blog
17. They pretend like distributors don’t promote themselves on the web
18. They are a result of corporate being terrified of the FTC
19. They cost too much for what is available to regular consumers
20. They don’t convert!
21. They don’t integrate with any mailing list applications
22. They pretend like distributors are babies
23. They are very difficult to edit
24. They have to go under ridiculous review processes to be updated
25. They contain lots of bugs and issues that get ignored
26. They lack updated product information
27. They don’t serve as a real marketing tool for distributors
28. They are managed by an outside vendor who could care less about the distributors
29. They are treated as “replicated” sites by corporate and sold as “pesonalized” sites to the distributor
30. They have broken (or very old) shopping cart systems that consumers will not use
31. They get mistaken for a hacked or unsecure website because of how horribly designed they are
32. Distributors never login to use them because they are intimidated by the unusable technology
33. Training is not provided on how to use them properly
34. There is no variety in the look and feel to personalize them
35. The same sites with the same content and same info are going after the same customers
36. The lead capture flow is broken -> losing many conversions
37. The savvy distributors have given up and started using other tools… loosing the best feedback for corporate
38. There is not enough content support from corporate to get up and going
39. Distributors don’t understand what they are supposed to do after they get their sites up
40. Corporate’s policies are so restrictive that they scare distributors on doing anything on the web

February 14, 2011

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