A Distributor’s Direct Selling Honeymoon

We put together this video to put a humorous spin on what many distributors experience when they first enroll in a new opportunity.  It’ll crack you up (promise), so check it out – please share with your co-workers and associates if you like it!

The Reality of Direct Selling and Replicated Sites

But in all seriousness, a new distributor’s first 30 days are extremely critical. It’s during this “honeymoon” phase that the majority of new distributors feel the sting of rejection, get discouraged, and give up. Yes, we’re talking about that nagging issue that’s hindered the direct selling industry for decades – sales force attrition.

And let’s face it, the leading cause of high attrition rates today is distributors’ failure to generate qualified leads. Many distributors go online to attract prospects, drum up leads, and expand beyond their warm markets. When the company’s replicated website isn’t effective at attracting and generating leads (the case with most direct selling companies), distributors go to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and create their own blogs.

This approach is fragmented and non-scalable, it removes the company from the equation (diluting the company’s value), and it causes many distributors to burn through lots of money and time, aimlessly struggling to get leads any way possible.

Here’s an idea – give distributors an option to have a better online lead generation website that integrates with their social media profiles and your enrollment process, and handles e-commerce seamlessly with your current systems. This way, you can proactively fill this growing need, maintain a level of control and oversight, and give your field more value which will effect higher retention and sales volume.

Try Empowerkit!

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June 11, 2011

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