The Evolution of Replicated Websites – eBook

You’re starting a new MLM, have a downline you want to strengthen, or you’re the head of web, marketing/communications and/or member services at an established MLM.

Like most people, you’ve probably just grabbed whatever your backoffice solution tacks on to their packages for replicated sites. If you weren’t satisfied with their poor solution, you tried to do something in-house and you realized that it was more than you can handle. If companies like Avon and Mary Kay, with their massive budgets, can’t properly build or roll out replicated sites in-house, who can?

The state of replicated sites is a shame. We have to work to improve this.

This book about the Evolution of Replicated Websites will give you insight on their history and progress while providing tips that will teach you how to do Replicated Sites the RIGHT Way. Which basically means not thinking about them as “Replicated Sites,” but as true marketing & sales tools for distributors to use and leverage – but we’ll get into that further in the book. If you would like a free copy, please fill out the form below.

Here is a preview of the chapters!:

1. Beginning to Market Online
2. Replicated Sites Gain Popularity
3. Emergence of Suppliers
4. Negative Sentiment from Distributors
5. Talking to Distributors
6. Finding the Right Solution
7. Educating and Training
8. Roll-out Strategy
9. Metrics
10. Analyze & Iterate

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January 25, 2011

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