Team National and MLM Compliance

The past few weeks I have been looking into MLM compliance and its relationship to different MLM policy and procedure methods.  Both Nu Skin and MonaVie had major drawbacks and extreme parameters on what their distributors can and can’t do when it comes to almost all activity online.  With a much needed breath of fresh air, this week we will look at Team National, and how they approach MLM compliance, social media and personal websites.

You can read Team Nationals 2010 policies and procedures here.  Throughout the document, Team National, Inc. is referred to as TN, and Independent Marketing Directors, usually called distributors, are referred to as IMDs.  Let’s jump right in and highlight what Team National is doing to stay ahead of the curve.

How is Team National approaching MLM compliance online?

ahead Team National and MLM Compliance

Permitted Internet Activities

-“TN IMDs are allowed to advertise on the Internet through an approved company program which allows IMDs to purchase custom TN websites which are personalized with the IMD’s name, message and contact information.”

-“IMDs may use social networking sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, etc.) to share information about TN memberships and business opportunity.”

-“Profiles in social communities where TN is referenced must clearly identify the IMD as an Independent Marketing Director and include a personal photo of the IMD as the main profile picture.”

-“IMDs who have reached presidential level or above may advertise or promote the TN business using approved tools, templates, ads, or images in accordance with the policies in this document.”

-“IMDs who have reached Platinum status have the option of creating a Platinum website or leader’s team site.”

Clearly Team National has a firm understanding of the relationship between successful network marketing, MLM compliance and offering their distributors all the tools and resources possible.  Although there are various tiers and levels to what sort of access distributors have, no one in the downline is left out in the cold when it comes to building an online presence.

Distributor Restrictions

red light Team National and MLM Compliance

-“IMDs are not allowed to use or register Team National or any of TN’s trademarks, product names, or any derivatives, for any Internet domain name, email address, social networking profiles, or online aliases.”

-“IMD personal websites and Platinum websites may be edited by TN to conform to TN’s policies and other standards of technical correctness (punctuation, grammar, etc.) and compliance, and for any other reason deemed necessary by TN.”

-“IMDs may not use TN trade names, trademarks, designs, images or symbols without prior written permission.”

-“TN will periodically conduct Internet audits for inappropriate use of TN IMD Logo use. TN reserves the right to request changes, edit IMD created content and/or to discontinue service for activities that violate TN policies.”

The one obvious drawback is the level of control a distributor has over their own site.  Under the current policy, the only elements that change from one distributor site to the next is the name, message and contact information.

Confronting MLM compliance without compromise.

The Team National stance perfectly exemplifies the cross road that every MLM compliance department finds themselves at – how to we give our distributors all the assets they need to succeed, without letting them drift too far away?  How can we help our downline reach as many prospects as possible while also restricting the mobility of the entire system?

The best way to remain compliant and regulate mobility, all while offering the best support and technology to your downline, comes in choosing the right MLM software or Team Website.  Shying away from social media or a stronger online brand out of apprehension can and will hurt your workforce and ultimately your success.  Empower yourself and your team with everything they need to thrive in a growing business.

Image Credits: pd whitney (Ahead of the curve with MLM Compliance) Fredo (The Wrong Replicated Websites Restrict Distributors)

January 28, 2011

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