Staying Competitive and Compliant While Meeting Distributors’ Needs Online

Distributors today expect more when it comes to web marketing tools, and the industry standard for replicated websites is becoming painfully obsolete. Wanting to carry the in-person, relationship-driven sales approach online to expand their reach beyond the warm market, distributors are increasingly blogging and exploding onto social media networks to attract and convert prospects. This creates a serious liability for direct selling companies concerned about FTC compliance among distributors on the web.

5367309758 faf476900b m Staying Competitive and Compliant While Meeting Distributors’ Needs OnlineWith new tools created specifically for solving this difficult challenge, Empowerkit released its hosted software platform for premium replicated websites earlier this month, exclusively for innovative direct selling companies looking to remain competitive while maintaining strong compliance among distributors. Most noteworthy is a new social media marketing feature allowing a distributor to automatically launch their compliant, personalized website content in their Facebook page. Every time the website is updated, the new Facebook tab is dynamically synced, and a prominent lead capture enables a smoother conversion point for interested prospects.

Here are three tips for staying ahead of the web marketing curve while ensuring that distributor compliance online doesn’t become a nightmare: offer premium replicated websites that balance personalization with compliance effectively; create a social media policy with best practice guidelines and an official “independent representative” version of the logo; and implement automated tools to notify you when risky words or phrases are published online about your company or products.

This was originally published on DSA’s SupplierSource.

January 29, 2011

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