Who is behind LiveDesign?

LiveDesign is a product of Empowerkit which is a subsidiary of Freshout, based out of Berkeley, CA. The staff working on the technology and the services are all in-house and working for Empowerkit. That means that designers, copywriters, engineers and technical support are all in-house. We’ve been around for 6 years now. We’re not going anywhere anytime soon. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Feel free to call us 510-859-8452 to ask more questions!

Can I get in afterwards to make my own edits?

Yes, absolutely. You can login anytime to make any edits yourself.

Can you redesign my current site on my current platform (CMS/hosting)?

No. LiveDesign is exclusively done on our proprietary platform. We can however move your current site to our platform and then redesign it there.

Is your platform based on WordPress?

No. Our platform is proprietary and was built specifically for the LiveDesign process to be as fast and efficient as possible but still allow you to jump in and easily edit anything you’d like!

What happens to my email hosting?

You would keep whichever email provider your currently have. We do not switch your email provider.

Will someone be able to help me in setting up my domain?

Yes, we can help you in pointing your domain to our servers and purchasing a domain.

What happens if I already have a site?

You can spend time during your LiveDesign session to migrate another site as well. It’ll be the same cost as a normal design session. Your content will be manually moved for you. We’ll also help you with pointing your domain.

Who writes the content? How does that work?

You’ll have an account manager that will work with you to establish topics that you define. A content writer will then write posts on those subjects for you and publish them directly to your site. Your account director will communicate to you on how often posts are published and you’ll be able to use those posts in your other marketing channels such as print / mailers.

Can you help me pick imagery as well?

We have an image library that we can use during our design session. Please keep in mind that this imagery is only for your website.

Can I host my site on another platform?

Yes, you can but you would not have any of CMS or editing capabilities of the platform if you did that. We highly suggest against using the LiveDesign service and moving your site to another host.

What if I don’t have a domain?

One of our representatives will help you in purchasing one over the phone.

What happens if I already have a web host?

That’s up to you but you don’t need website hosting since that’s included already in our packages. If you have other services such as FTP and Email with your current host, you can keep your current host and we will ONLY point your website to our servers so you can keep the rest on your host. We do not provide Email or FTP services.

Are the sites mobile friendly?

Yes, all the sites that are designed are instantly mobile optimized.

Are the sites search engine optimized?

Your site will have the basics of search engine optimization but that does not mean that you will rank in search engines right away. You’ll need to look into one of our service packages in order to be more competitive in your SEO strategy.

Interested in a feature tour of our platform?

Please click here for a feature tour!

What’s your cheapest package?

Our $25/month package covers just the basics.

What if I want to move my site?

You can always export your site’s assets to host them on another hosting provider.

Is there a contract?

No, our billing for our packages is month to month. That means you can cancel any time.

What’s your availability like?

When you go through the booking process, you’ll see a calendar with our available times which you can book! Click here to get started.

How do I get started?

Click here! or Call 510-859-8452

What if I need some custom functionality?

Please call us at 510-859-8452 for more information

Is there technical support?

Yes, you can call our support anytime at 225-627-3394

More questions?

Please call us at 510-859-8452