Effortless for Your Franchisees

Designed so your franchisees can sit back and relax!

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Our managed web marketing program is made for your franchisees. Starting with a friendly web editor with professional assistance in every step to more advanced choices for your franchisees – franchise SEO strategy or content updates by phone. Balance engagement and control in your franchise local marketing!

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True Assistance

  • Rapid phone & email assistance
  • Webinars on best practices for franchise local marketing
  • Professional support in franchise web design, content, and SEO marketing

Your Brand & Domain

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Your domain


Branded layouts &
points to start with

Branded welcome
emails & tutorials

Control of Options

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Designed for Business

for business 01 Franchise Features

Search engine optimized

Our franchisee websites are optimized for search engines by default. You can choose to take a step further and activate hybrid controls for more unique content to boost franchise SEO marketing!

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Mobile optimized

Your franchisee website is automatically made to work on a tablet or any mobile device. No additional efforts, no separate versions. Our franchise web design software has already taken care of franchise mobile optimization!

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Lead generation tools

Empowerkit comes with various form apps to help your franchisees generate leads. You can also integrate with any franchise CMS or manage your leads within Empowerkit!

Truly Fresh Interface

Interactive applications

Our library of applications can be easily dropped into franchisee local website and arranged just the way needed!

Drag & drop + edit in place

Editing a franchisee website is just like most of the other apps you’re used to. Drag and drop anything you see on the page. Double click on anything you see to edit!

Powerful design tools

Layout builder, design shuffler and skins are just a few of the powerful design tools that let your franchisees to create anything they imagine.

Super flexible

With the visual tools in our franchise website builder you can build almost any site you can think of!

Hosted & Maintained

hosted cared 01 Franchise Features

Constantly pushing new code

Our web development team is pushing new features and updates daily so you and your franchisees can have the absolute best experience with our franchise web design software!

hosted cared 02 Franchise Features

Extremely fast sites

Speed is everything, so we built an advanced caching system that serves up your local franchise websites super quickly.

hosted cared 03 Franchise Features

Scaled infrastructure

Our team constantly monitors and scales our server infrastructure, so we can grow with your franchise local marketing needs.

Interactive Apps & Powerful Features

apps features Franchise Features

Tons of apps for almost anything you or your franchisees can think of

We can also build custom apps to fit your specific needs for franchise local marketing

Lots of Apps

  • Animated Text
  • Ask Me a Question
  • Banner
  • Blog
  • Button
  • Calendar
  • Carousel
  • Contact
  • Countdown
  • Embed HTML
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Form Builder by Jotform
  • Framed Slideshow
  • Iframe
  • Image
  • Image Feed
  • Image Gallery
  • Image Gallery Grid
  • Instagram
  • Maps
  • Mini Shop
  • Navigation
  • Picture Showcase
  • Projects
  • RSS
  • Slideshow
  • Social Icons
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • SoundCloud Set Player
  • Super Banner App
  • Super Map
  • Table
  • Tabs and Accordions
  • Text
  • Text + Photo Block
  • Twitter
  • Video
  • Video Gallery
  • Yelp
  • More upcoming…

Local Website Analytics

choice analytics Franchise Features

Simple Management

easy manage 01 Franchise Features

Fast multisite management

You can create, manage, edit and login to any of your franchisee websites with one click! Franchise website management all in franchisor’s hands!

easy manage 02 Franchise Features

Integrates with your workflow

You can create sites using our mass site creator, our API, or send registration forms to your franchisees. Ask for integration with CMS for franchise!

easy manage 03 Franchise Features

Flexible billing options!

Allow us to bill your franchisees directly or you can bill them. We also offer subsidized billing options as well.