5 Signs that You Need a Web Marketing Package in Your Co-op Marketing Program

5 Signs that You Need a Web Marketing Program 5 Signs that You Need a Web Marketing Package in Your Co op Marketing Program

If you’re the head of a company (be it a franchise, MLM, vendors, distributors, etc.) you may have already noticed that, to stay on top of your marketing strategy, you should venture into online territory. Furthermore, if you have partners, to get the most out of it, they should also have a site to market themselves locally! An online marketing strategy for partners has the potential to increase lead generation and ROI for your business!

Still,  it’s a big decision to make! If you’re doubtful on whether you need to offer a web marketing package in your co-op marketing program or not, here are a few signs that will help you take notice and make the right turn for your company!

Signs that You Must Provide a Web Marketing Package

1. You Have Over 100 Partners

This is an estimate but think of it this way: if your company is big enough that you’re starting to spread out across the country, it’s time to start thinking about partner online marketing! What this means is that you’re becoming present in various states/towns/cities, so the contexts are different! As you may be aware of, the way people act may be a lot different depending on their surroundings, so don’t try to treat them the same way. They won’t respond to generic messages, which is why you need a local web marketing package for your partners!

Plus, over time if your business is constantly growing, managing a disconnected online marketing strategy for your partners can get overwhelming. You need a robust solution that will help you or your marketing team manage all of these sites in a quick, intuitive and easy way!

2. You Offer Regional/Diverse Services

Depending on the kind of company you have, you may offer different services which are determined by the location your partners are in. For example, if you’re in the gardening business  and have a unit in Arizona and another one in Montana, obviously, you wouldn’t offer your customers the same options! The climates are so diverse that you need to provide different services for each location.

If you have a similar situation going on, this is why you need a partner site: local costumers will be able to enter and see what kind of services you offer for that specific unit depending on where they’re located!

3. You Worry About Online Brand Compliance

Rogue sites are an alternative partners use when an official solution to online marketing isn’t offered to them. They know that an online presence is imperative nowadays, so they go out to look for their own. The thing is, that your brand may be misrepresented in the process, which may be counterproductive for your business! Rogue sites can be extremely dangerous if not treated.

If you’d like for your brand to have a strong presence online, and you wish to remain in control over some aspects of what your partners are sharing in the world wide web, then, it’s time to offer a web marketing package in your co-op marketing program!

4. You Currently Don’t Offer a Flexible Partner Online Marketing Solution

As stated above, partners need to market themselves with a local message that makes sense to the audience they’re speaking to. Thousands upon thousands of local searches are done every month and, by neglecting your partners, you’re losing business to your competitors! Not giving your partners the possibility, flexibility, and ease to market your company at a local level can result in a loss of revenue, brand misrepresentation and a harder time for them and your business!

5. You’re Looking for Ways to Stay Ahead of the Game

The business world is becoming more competitive by the minute! Business owners are taking every marketing route to make sure they stay on top. Still, partners aren’t taken into consideration in this aspect! In Empowerkit’s eBook, “How Franchisees Think About Online Marketing”, we found out that 79% of franchisees aren’t given support in online marketing. Even if you’re not in the franchise business, this gives you an idea of how the business world is doing. This could be a chance for your company to be innovative and get ahead of your competitors online!

How Empowerkit Can Help

illu marketing 5 Signs that You Need a Web Marketing Package in Your Co op Marketing ProgramEmpowerkit is a white label website builder that allows you to take care of compliance while providing flexibility to your partners! And it’s FREE for you and your partners! This could be a great addition to your co-op marketing program because it’s an editor that’s easy to use and the Empowerkit team can offer assistance to take the burden off in some of the aspects of online marketing!


If you want you, your partners and your company to be strong (offline and online), you’ll need to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to stay ahead of the competition. Go through this 5 signs and evaluate yourself, your company and your partners to know if you’re ready to take that step into the world wide web. Plus, by giving support in this aspect of online marketing, your business will most definitely grow!

September 13, 2013

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