Why Your Franchise Local SEO Strategy Should Include a Site!

761986 letters web http 3 Why Your Franchise Local SEO Strategy Should Include a Site!Between social media, listings, reviews, among other things, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when putting together a franchise local SEO strategy, but make sure you aren’t missing a franchisee website in it! According to Interconnected World, 61% of global Internet users research products online and unless you want all of those consumers to go to your competitors, here are some more reasons why you should provide a site for your franchisees!

Reasons to Include a Site in Your Franchise Local SEO Strategy

Engage Visitors

A site is a perfect place for your visitors to find out more information about your company and your partners (from your story to the list of services you offer).

Stronger Partner Marketing Package

Be sure to include a franchisee website in your franchise local SEO package as a way to lure them into business with you! Think of it as a plus that you can offer potential partners to get them to work for your company!

Unified Effort

Think of this: one partner uses a certain platform to get that online presence that’s so imperative nowadays; at the same time, another goes a different way! Your efforts will be scattered and you won’t be able to measure your success online! Providing franchisee websites will make all those efforts come together to achieve a bigger purpose for your online brand.

Strong Presence

Having a listing or social media profiles just won’t cut it nowadays. They don’t have the same authority as a well put together site. In a time where identity theft and viruses are so prolific, a listing or social media profile doesn’t have the same authority as a site in the eyes of the consumer.

Platform for Conversion

Everything in a site is aimed at getting those visitors to convert! From colors to buttons, content and layout, all points towards that main Call to Action. With a great lead generation strategy, you’ll be able to convert more and more visitors into consumers!

Content Hub

Having an SEO optimized franchisee website can also serve as a hub where visitors will be able to learn more about you and read your blog to get more ideas on topics related to your business. Valuable and relatable content is the way to go nowadays so, by being able to share tips and tricks with your visitors, they become more engaged with your content, your site and your company!


It’s hard to keep up with the amount of social media profiles and rogue sites your partners have, so by including and providing a site to your partners, you are eliminating the risk of being misrepresented and getting into some legal issues.

White Label Websites With Empowerkit

illu marketing1 Why Your Franchise Local SEO Strategy Should Include a Site!If you’re looking for a good option as far as white label website builders go,  Empowerkit can be what you’re looking for:

  • Gives you control: which can help you achieve brand compliance and a unified effort.
  • Allows flexibility: your partners can make edits to engage visitors with relevant content for them.
  • Mobile optimized: which means that devices won’t be an issue.
  • Secure and hosted sites.
  • Easy to use: with a WYSIWYG editor where you can just drag and drop the elements in your site!
  • Integrated: you can add apps to integrate social media and other features to your site!
  • Offers support: if you have any doubt, you can talk to us or we’ll even help you develop your site!


If you want your consumers to trust your channel partners’ online presence, you need to give them a franchisee website that will meet their demands! You should make sure that they have the best tools out there to market your product or service and they want to feel like corporate is taking care of their needs. Meet them halfway by providing a site that you can control and that they can adapt to get all the perks online marketing has to offer!

August 12, 2013

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