Features Your Private Label Website Builder Should Have: Flexibility

In this series, we’ll go over certain features your private label website builder should have for you to fully take advantage in online marketing. On the first post, we went over why it is important to retain some control over your partner sites and how you can do it with Empowerkit.

Now, we’ll learn why it is important to have the perfect balance between control and flexibility. Yes, it’s true that you need to be sure your brand isn’t misrepresented. On the other hand, for this to be a good marketing opportunity for your partners, the private label website builder should offer a certain degree of flexibility.

Offering Flexibility to Your Partners

flexibleslinky Features Your Private Label Website Builder Should Have: FlexibilityIn order for your partners to market themselves (and your brand) properly online, they’ll need to be able to have some control over crucial elements in an online marketing strategy.

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For a site to work, it needs the right information. Not only that but your partners should be able to customize it so they can market themselves.

For example, there are pieces of information that need to be in a site (like the phone number, location, services offered, etc.). Still, it’s better that your partners are allowed to put in their own information so visitors know how to talk to them directly, the list of services, among other things.

At the same time, the blog in the site should have content that’s relevant to the audience. That’s how you get to the top spots in the search pages!


Search Engine Optimization are a set of techniques used in a site to gain visibility online. This way, when a user searches for topics related to your topic on a browser, they’ll find you in the first spot. Customizing keywords could improve your stance in the search pages because you become more targeted. For example, instead of competing with every other company that offers a product or service similar to yours, you just are up against the ones that are in your area.

Flexibility & Empowerkit

illu marketing1 Features Your Private Label Website Builder Should Have: FlexibilityAs explained in the post about the control feature in this series, you have a say over what areas your partners will be able to modify. Still, if you’d like to give them some room to market themselves, they’ll have a super simple yet powerful platform at their fingertips! Here are some things that they can do:

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If they want to add, edit, move or delete an app, they’ll just need to do it intuitevly. Empowerkit is really easy to use: with a double click, by dragging and dropping, and using the tools at their disposal, partners could be able to modify little snipets of content here and there to make their site have a more customized feel.


SEO is really easy to update! Once they’ve done the research to know which keywords they should be targeting, a click here and there will allow them to change page titles, meta descriptions, URLs and everything they need to hit the ground running in terms of SEO!


As mentioned in the post about the “Control Feature“, as long as you give them permission to move around design, they can use the style dots feature to change some details in the site’s look so they feel more in control of the space they’re putting out there for their visitors.


Make the most out of your online marketing while maintaining control over your brand and allowing your partners to have some flexibility! Know that the balance between both aspects will save your partners thousands and make them more confident about their marketing. That’s a winning combination right there!

If you want to learn more about what you can do to stay in control of your partner sites, click on the link! Next up on this “Features Your Private Label Website Builder Should Have” series, is mobile optimization! To find out more about that, go to that post!

July 30, 2013

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