Features Your Private Label Website Builder Should Have: Control

Nowadays, it’s obvious that your partners need sites to market themselves online. But, with all the options out there to build templates, how do you know which tool will help you build your brand and succeed in this virtual world?

You needn’t worry about it! We got you covered. In this series, we’ll go over some features your private label website builder of choice SHOULD HAVE for it to fulfill all your needs. With them, you’ll be able to build templates that your partners can customize to spread the word on your brand, while marketing themselves on the internet.

In each post, I’ll go over a different feature that your website builder should have, why it is important and how you can do it with Empowerkit. So stay tuned!

First up: Control!

Control Over Your Brand Online

207416 remote 1 Features Your Private Label Website Builder Should Have: ControlIn order for your partner sites to keep in line with your message online, you need to be able to manage certain aspects of them. Crucial elements like content and design need to be controlled and looked after to ensure brand compliance!


Sites exist with the sole purpose of sharing information about your business. That’s how you get leads: you provide the info a visitor needs to make the final decision and convert into your customer. So, it’s safe to say, that it’s important.

A wrong message (from texts to images and videos) can throw a potential lead off. Partner sites need to stay true to your original message. That’s why you need retain control over it.


If content is the core of your message, design is the package. Colors, typography, layout, etc., help build an ambiance around your content. This way, when a visitor happens upon your site, they will get a sense of who you are the second they walk in. Again, some control needs to be retained here so you can oversee that all of these design elements are used adequately and that the site portrays the message you want to send out.

Control the Sites With Empowerkit

illu marketing Features Your Private Label Website Builder Should Have: ControlEmpowerkit can be of great help when dealing with brand compliance across your master sites. It allows you to build flexible templates that you can control with just a couple of clicks. This way you ensure that the message you’re putting out there is what it’s meant to be.

Empowerkit is a private label website builder that requires no coding knowledge. Everything in the platform is managed intuitively. Every piece of content is handled through installations called “Apps” that you can add, drag, edit and remove at your wish. With them you get video, images, text, audio and other types of content every site needs.

At the same time, you can edit typography, the site’s layout, the coloring and other design elements with a feature called “Style Dots”.

Now, the way you retain control, is that you or the admin design and produce the content for a “Master Site”, which is the mold from which all of the partner sites will be created. There, you just need to lock certain aspects so your partners won’t be able to mess with them:

For the Content (Apps):

  • You can make an app be Global, which means that nobody will be able to edit its content. It’ll remain the same across all sites and only you can edit it (which will be automatically reflected in all child sites.
  • You can Disable Removal for certain apps so partners won’t be able to delete them, ensuring that it will be on EVERY site. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that they will be able to edit them.
  • You can Lock Positions. This is great for apps that need to be in a certain spot on ALL sites. By locking their position, partners won’t be able to move them around.
Remember that you can mix and match these features for certain apps that shouldn’t be edited, deleted or moved.

Style Permissions

A template is a mold that’s used to create new pages or sites with a similar style and organization. As you know, you can modify the color, size, effects an element has, and you can arrange the layout as you’d like it. Still, in order to have a consistency in design, you can decide whether or not you want to allow your partners to modify anything for the look and feel on their own site.


Remember that nowadays, a strong online presence is a must so make sure you have the right tool that can successfully represent your brand. Retaining some control over your partner sites will allow you to sleep at night knowing that your brand isn’t being misrepresented!

On the next post for this series, we’ll go over why it’s also important that your private label website builder offers some flexibility so your partners can market themselves properly online! You can also check out the third post on this series about mobile optimization!

July 30, 2013

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