A few of SaaS’ many advantages for franchises

With any solution technology provider, specially with the SaaS´ product you are investing in you want to make sure the company behind it is very experienced and it is invested in supporting it overtime so it is not something is going to do well for the first couple months and then it is kind of die out, start having bugs and not be supported with new technologies that are merging, especially when is web based, tht is something we bring to the table very strongly with the parent company, Freshout is behind Empowerkit, we have a team of 30 very high level technologist and we are constantly growing we have been working on a brak of projects over the years raking from custom web applications to social media applications, sites that are build on twitter and Facebook applications all the way to e-commerce solutions, large informational portal, we really expand the gamma in terms of web base technologies that we can build and it is important to know that for the Franchisees and Franchisor that are using Empowerkit on the daily basis that is not something that you have to even worry about it.

Chris Anderson

Leading recourses at the corporate level whether is a Franchise company or not, there is obviously a decision making process that goes into figuring out how are you going to absorbed those cost, especially with emerging with what we are providing which is an emerging technology so the Franchisor looking at the budgetary stand point reallocating resources, a lot of times is strange over in that point and that is part of the solution of Empowerkit as a SaaS´ Software as a Service, that is outsource to us, we own the responsibility for their websites, their web-development and every upgrade that occurs, support, everything is done by us, there is no upgrade cost to the Franchisor so for the Budgetary stand point there is no increase, the Franchisees support comes from us, the improvements to the actual product comes from us so really is a “one stop” solution for the Franchisor and does not depleted or real gated resources.

Dennis Mulgannon
Director of Franchise Accounts

May 10, 2010

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