How the Top 10 Service-Based Franchises Leverage Social Media

Learn Expert Tips to Jumpstart Your Franchise’s Social Media Program

Social media & networking has become a massive phenomenon that has dramatically changed the way people communicate and share ideas. Its impact has touched nearly every corner of the globe, and effected every size and type of organization (including franchises). If you’re new to social media & networking, here’s a quick snapshot of how predominant it’s become:

  • 1+ billion tweets per month on Twitter

    Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging platform.

  • 400+ million active users on Facebook

    Facebook is the most widely used social network

  • 55 million registered users on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform on the web

  • 5+ billion video streams every month on YouTube

    YouTube is the most expansive video sharing social media portal

What some franchise experts are saying:

  • “By developing a presence [in social media], your franchise will be able to capture the audience that your competitors are ignoring.”

    – Gwen Moran (Entrepreneur Magazine)

  • “To compete effectively and communicate their brand message quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining real-time communication, a franchise brand must embrace social media. It’s not just happening, it’s here.”

    – Sally Facinelli, CFE (Franchising World)

  • “Ultimately, social media can improve the bottom line for franchisors and franchisees, alike.”

    – Paul Segreto (franchisEssentials)

  • “Most franchisors will wait until the “other ones” climb aboard the social media bandwagon train. It is a train. A really big, really fast, really serious train. All Aboard!”

    – Joel Libava (Franchise Selection Specialists)

Leveraging your social media presence is a powerful way for franchises to engage with a much broader audience – right where they congregate most. Effective social networking also offers the platforms upon which to accomplish real results for your key business objectives, and analytics tools are becoming more and more sophisticated to accurately measure the impact.

You now have the opportunity to show the helpful, appreciative and human side of your franchise, and customers can more easily ask questions, voice feedback and spread the word about your products and services.

More to the point, countless discussions are happening all the time about your franchise, both good and bad, on social media networks – you can take part in the conversations and exert a level of control and awareness over your brand on the social web, or stand by and do nothing.

But knowing the importance of social media is only half the battle – where do you begin, who should be involved, and how do you avoid the risky pitfalls?

We’ve compiled a report to show how the top 10 service-based franchises* – those that don’t require customers to visit a physical location – are leveraging social media, offer our unbiased assessment and feedback, and provide some expert tips on how you can jumpstart (or revive) your franchise’s presence on the social web.

We’ve looked at each of these franchises to see how involved they are in social media & networking, and how franchisee adoption has fared. See how each franchise below measured up, and download the full report to see our findings, as well as expert advice on how to move your franchise’s social media efforts in the right direction.

Download the full report to find out more about each franchise’s social media efforts, how they can make improvements, and learn how you can extend your franchise successfully into the social web to achieve your strategic business goals.

download the full report How the Top 10 Service Based Franchises Leverage Social Media

*Based on worldwide sales in 2009 (source: 2009 Franchise Times Top 200 Franchise Systems)

June 14, 2013

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