Empowerkit increases ROI for you and your franchisees

Sales and development is important for the growth of any franchise system, but when you are looking at long term sustainable growth, most franchisors are looking at how they can increase sales and revenues at the unit level as well – unit level economics is huge for sustainable revenue growth at the franchisor level.

What Empowerkit enables franchisees to do is to market themselves more effectively, and be able to actually track those sales on those conversions that are happening on their site, which is in turn incrementally increasing their revenues at the franchisee level, which increases the royalties that they are paying, which increases the revenue back to the franchisor. It is a pretty good win-win for the franchisee and the franchisor, and it is a great ROI driver.

Chris Anderson

You look at enabling local franchisees to generate a larger base and a more robust marketing [opportunity] at the local level – meaning leads coming in – and then being able to convert that to new business; well if I was a franchisor, that would excite me because at the end of the day, a franchise is built on an annuity base, which is the royalties. You look at a mature franchise that maybe is 80% or 90% sold out domestically in the US, they really have to look at how they can enhance unit level performance, and Empowerkit is one of the solutions for that.

Dennis Mulgannon
Director of Franchise Accounts

April 20, 2010

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